Welcome To Our School

At Sheep Dip Lane Primary we work hard to ensure every child has access to a broad and balanced curriculum, one which excites them and provides them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to go on to become life long learners.

We set the highest expectations of staff and children and work together using rich resources, quality first hand experiences and ICT in our fantastic learning environments indoors and outdoors to encourage all children to strive to achieve to the best of their ability.

The main focus for teaching at Sheep Dip Lane Primary is to nurture and develop independent learning skills with our children and support learning in an engaging and exciting way.

We work in partnership with parent and carers to enable our children to be successful members of the community.

Mrs F. Parish - Head Teacher

As you know school was inspected recently by Ofsted. I have been extremely proud of our children and staff as I always am.

Thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support.   

To download our report click at the bottom of this page:


                            Well done to the class who had the best attendance this week!   

                                                               3/4 are the best attenders this week!


   On Friday 12th December 2014 - Year 6's enterprise projects had a real life Maths focus. They developed ICT games using Scratch and their computer programming skills, they made items to sell, baked goods and brought in items for a raffle. Each year group visited the fayre and the children raised a grand total of: £291.73. All money raised will go into school fund which funds all our visits and workshops for children.

Afterwards two budding mathmaticians were supported in totalling the amounts and developing a spreadsheet analysis for banking the money and to compare each stall's profits.

                     Children in Year 6 created their own blog comments - check this out at our blog section.


   Thank you to all our staff, children & families who supported this event.



    Fantastic Achievements, we are all so proud! - Due to concerts this will be updated on Friday 19th December 2014 with our final term assembly.


         Lucy O            

         Paige B     Jamie-Leigh H          Leah W

Year 1 & 2

     Tyler-Dean B     

         Jasmine C           Evan B         Kadi T

        Riley-Jay A

         Taylor L          Logan K

        Karli R    

       Amelie J          

        Oliver W          Sarah T        Bradley C

Year 3 & 4

   Rubi-Meg B         

         Grace F         Ivaylo T           Jak L

   Logan G        

   Aalisa-Brooke W      Ceejay W         Elarna A

       Taylor M           

     Joshua-Lee J      

       Lilly B

        Brandon P-W

Year 5 & 6

Daniel M

Isabelle P

Tyler F

Ebony R

Denver N

Courtney F

Keirra H

Abbie M

Jaden-Brooke J

Mia G

Kane-Jon M

Josh A

Our parents/carers now have their photograph taken and receive a copy for family memories!



Assembly - Most Recent Feedback from parents/carers:  7.11.14

What you say we do well...

'Communicate, motivate the children.'

'Listening to the children, making them feel special with the awards and encouraging them.'

'Everything, keep it up.'

'Everything. Just keep up the great work.' L Goodwin

What do we need to do better...

'Nothing, you are the best school.'

'This school is amazing so no improvements needed.'           

We have My Maths which you can log onto to do your maths homework, we use this in our lessons too.


Remarkable Reading!

You said... we listened...we did!

After parent/carer feedback, we have purchased over 3000 new reading books for children to read in school 1-1 or in a guided group and share at home. We have reading books for children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 ranging from fiction, non-fiction, plays and comics.


Part of this new development is an expansion to our online reading resource. Children once they have read a book or are reading at a new level can be allocated books to read at home by their teacher. They can link to this site using a personal log in and then can access books anywhere on any mobile device or P.C. Over this term your child will be bringing their book home and their log in details.

We will also be having information sessions in school where you can look at the books and get information on reading with your child and how to access the online games/books. Watch this space...


Don't forget to look through our online library to see which book you would like to loan and read online too...


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