Safer Internet Day - 2018

Staying safe online

As part of our Safer Internet work our children have been using lots of different ways to communicate their understanding of e-safety and have also explored ideas that could improve the internet. We tweeted some of our work as we did it.

We also recorded sound files to explain some of our ideas, click on the links below.

Sam had a great idea for an app to identify anything! Simply point your camera at an object or word and take a photo and the app will tell you either what it means or more information about the object, he even thought of developing the app further so that if you took a photo of someone you could see the world from their perspective.

Several children liked the idea of a scanner that scanned your face and then brought up age appropriate games, films and information.

Lots of children wanted the internet to be much safer and would like more protection from being hacked or exposed to inappropriate content.


Files to Download