We are proud to be a school that is recognised for embracing the Thrive approach. Thrive is based on the latest neuroscience and attachment theories allowing us to create an individual intervention for each our children.

It helps us prepare children for life’s emotional ups and downs, teaching them the necessary life skills in order to thrive and learn! Thrive is an approach that everybody uses in school and is implemented into every lesson. We care for our children and want them to be happy, feel safe and thrive with their education.




“Thrive has helped me manage my feelings and think before acting.” – LS Y6

“Coming to Thrive makes me feel safe.” – ST Y3

“I love working with Miss Kelly and hair gel!” – BJR Y3

“Thrive is so much fun, I love it.” – JB-B Y2

“I love working with Miss Wright, she is kind to me” – BC

“Seeing the progress our children have made is so rewarding.” – Miss Kelly

“The best thing about Thrive is knowing I’ve made a difference.” – Miss Peterson

“Seeing a child flourish as they begin to feel safe and special gives me a warm fuzz.” Miss Wright

“I have become so passionate about using this approach. I truly believe we are making a difference to children’s lives and that’s the best job in the world!” Miss Wales