Pupils are taught how to use calculators, computers, CDI ‘Pip’, cameras, PC, Tablet, Ipad and have safe access to the Internet. Computing is used to support all the areas of the curriculum.  The school has laptops for each phase with Ipads and networked stations in the I Lounge section of our school libary.  We have a central server system and SMART boards in every teaching base.  Children are encouraged through ICT to communicate ideas and information in a variety of ways; to capture, store, gain access to, change and interpret information; and to assess the content and presentation of information from various sources.  They will also carry out mathematical investigations, make use of ICT equipment to draw, design, make or compose; measure and control movement and environment variables; and consider and discuss the social and ethical implications of ICT.

Computing Knowledge Progression Map

ELP Online Safety and Security Policy v6

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Links to KS1 and KS2 Computing Overviews:

KS1 Computing Overview

KS2 Computing Overview

Links to each Year group's scheme of work:

Year 1 Digital Painting S1

Year 1 Digital Writing S2

Year 2 Digital Photography S1

Year 2 Pictograms S2

Year 3 Stop Frame Animation S1

Year 3 Desktop Publishing S2

Year 4 Repetition in Shapes S1

Year 4 Repetition in Games S2

Year 5 Systems and Networks S1

Year 5 Vector Drawing S2

Year 6 Internet Communication S1

Year 6 3D Modelling S2