Paper copies of our policies are available upon request, there is no charge for copies.. Please contact the school office on 01302 842464 or email: sdlp@sheepdiplane.doncaster.sch.uk

Risk Assessments:


New risk assessments will be uploaded when applicable.

Accessibility Plan 2023 - 2026

ELP SDLA Behaviour and Positive Relationships Policy 

ELP - Academy Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy v7

SDLA Allegations of Abuse against Staff V1

SDLA Anti-Bullying Policy

ELP Before and After School Activity Clubs Policy V2

Collective Worship Policy

ELP - Admission Policy V10

ELP Attendance Policy v4

ELP - CCTV and Surveillance Policy v4

ELP - Charging & Remissions Policy v8

ELP - Competitive Tendering & Procurement Policy v7

ELP Complaints Policy and Procedure v5 Academies

ELP Trust Complaints Policy and Procedure v7

ELP - Confidentiality Policy v5

ELP - Dinner Money Policy v6

SDLA Educational Visits and Trips

ELP - Equalities Policy statement

ELP - Equality and Diversity Policy v4

ELP Finance Policy & Procedures V6

ELP - SDLA Fire Evacuation Policy

ELP SDLA First Aid Policy

SDLA Allergens Policy

SDLA Defibrillator (AED) Policy

ELP - Gifts and Hospitality Policy V4

ELP Governance Handbook v2

ELP - Code of Conduct for Trust Members directors and LGB V7

ELP - Director and Governor Allowence Policy V3

ELP Publication Scheme and Freedom of Information Policy v2

ELP Data Retention and Publication V4

ELP Data Protection V3

ELP Health and Safety Policy v7

ELP - SDLA Health and Safety Policy school addendum

ELP Managing Asbestos Policy V6

ELP - Home and Remote Learning Policy V3

ELP SDLA Home Visits including Dogs in the Home

ELP - Lettings Policy v10

ELP SDLA Moving & Handling Policy

Academy Intimate Care Policy

ELP - No Smoking or Vaping Policy v4

ELP - Premises Management Policy V8

ELP Online Safety & Security Policy v6

ELP Managing Parent & Visitor Conduct v2

ELP - Mobile Phones in Schools Primary Policy v1

ELP - Low Level Concerns Policy V4

ELP GDPR Pupil Privacy Notice

ELP GDPR Privacy Policy V1

SDLA Photography and Filming Policy V2

ELP SDLA Relationship & Sex Education V3

ELP SDLA Special Educational Needs Policy V2

SDLA SEN Information Report and Policy

SDLA British Values Policy V2

SDLA Local Offer v4

SDLA School Uniform Policy

SDLA Severe Weather

ELP - Safer Recruitment Policy v12

ELP - Scheme of Delegation v7

ELP Site Security Policy v5

ELP SDLA Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy

ELP Suspensions and Exclusions Policy V2 Under review, awaiting Director approval

ELP Pupils Who Abscond Policy V3

ELP Uncollected Child Policy V3 Under review, awaiting Director approval

SDLA Thrive Policy

ELP Whistleblowing Policy v7

ICT Acceptable Use Children and Young People v1Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Staff Visitors and Pupils

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023 FULL Guidance

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023 Part One

               Curriculum Policies:

Mathematics Policy V2

English Policy V4

Phonics & Early Readers Policy

Handwriting Policy

Science Policy V2

Art Policy

Religious Education Policy V2

Collective Worship Policy

Computing Policy

Physical Education Policy

Geography Policy

History Policy

Music Policy V2

Design & Technology Policy

Modern Foreign Languages Policy