School Day

Senior staff are on the school gate to welcome children into school at 08:30.

Our Nursery children enter through the main pedestrian school gate to The Croft Centre.  Our Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) children have their own entrance opposite the shop on Sheep Dip Lane.  KS1 and Lower KS2 enter school through the Broadwater Drive gate and Upper KS2 children through the main pedestrian entrance,

Teaching time for Primary age children in 32.5 hours per week, our timings for each day is shown below:

Please note from September the timings of the day will be the same for all classes. The arrival period is: 

8.30am-8.40am gates and doors will open at 8.30am and will close promptly at 8.40am.

This is to ensure registration and learning time can begin for everyone. Collection will be at 3.10pm. 

Nursery Pupils will attend  

8.30am - 11.30am Morning Group 

12.00am-3.00pm Afternoon Group